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Guan Heng Exhibition Co. Ltd. can provide systemic solutions for customers in public relation、Advertising,
event management, interactive marketing, exhibition and other professional fields
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    Guan Heng (Shanghai) Exhibition Co. Ltd. is a member company of Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association, it is a specialized company which includes specialized booth design and pro..
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    First grade qualification certificate in exhibition projects and other reputations
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Gansu Education
Enterprise exhibition hall
Enterprise exhibition hall
Planning Museum
Guan Heng Exhibition Co. Ltd has the one-stop service about plan、space design、exhibition design、
exhibition making、exhibition projects development and production、temporary design and operating.

  Obtain related information fro customers, clearly understand the delivery date of design plans. With the professional team of Guan Heng thinks comprehensively、long-term、 basically in prospective vision and advanced idea originate world advanced exhibition concept, possess eight world's cultural and creative center, research foundation mixes national perspective, organic combinate and design all elements, presents unique creative highlights. plan determination and giving detailed quotation and detailed construction drawings. Signing the contract and pay related expenses. Projects product, build and handle entry procedures. Guan Heng and its professional team emphasizes on service consciousness, strives to maximize customer s’ value and maximize the benefits Arranging on-site emergency、value - added services、Cooperating with customers’ departure, moving out exhibits, following up summary report of the exhibition and pay a return visit to customers.
Freely tailor-design high – end、 grand and personal exhibition image
According to customers’ requirements, a professional team can tailor-design personal and strong visual appealing plans, it can show the company’s image perfectly, in order to enhance the image in customers’ minds.

Construction team has 10-year experience, construction quality is guaranteed
The construction team has 10-year experience, they had the best construction prize in government’s education exhibition, and gained the first-class construction quality. Guan Heng Exhibition Co. Ltd has countrywide service system of local construction、designing, on-spot construct in high efficient, high quality and low cost, along with strict scientific and humanity concern in construction details.
Comparison with other company in this field, we have more efficient service, delivery more timely and price more favorable!
10-year experience makes advantages of resource allocation obviously, factories in major cities throughout the country, it realizes local production、supplying materials, local construction、local service, energy saving and costs reducing, and making a concession to every customer

High quality of after-sales service
During the exhibition time, exhibition professional staff will accompany customers, to ensure the progress of the project smoothly, Guan Heng Exhibition Co. Ltd provides regular free maintenance service for customers of exhibition room and exhibition booth, let the customer more warmly, more relieved.

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